Susie Anderson

Susie Anderson, RN

Emergency Department
Franklin Woods Community Hospital
Johnson City, Tennessee
United States

Susie Anderson again was "on the ball" yesterday. Pt. presented with epigastric abdominal pain and what sounded initially like GI symptoms. She had a "feeling" and got an EKG which came to me immediately. EKG showed diffuse ST depression, patient with positive Trop at 0.6. I sent information to Dr. Khan at JCMC and patient had complete circumflex and 95% LAD lesions. This is the third time I have had the experience of a patient that was triaged by S. Anderson and a critical cardiac cause was found to be causing the "not chest pain" complaint! Another of the "not chest pain" was a female that checking in with a finger pain infection. The ER had a very long wait, but Susie was triaging as fast as she could. Triaging the patient she noted patient was grimacing and seemed to be in pain - patient's husband said she had been having chest pain. Susie brought patient back and patient was having an acute MI - and sent directly to cath lab. Patient here 45 minutes.