Susan Wygle

Susan Wygle, RN

All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States

Jamarkis Howard’s Mom wrote, “ I was not expecting to have to stay here Monday and was not prepared. We came from Lehigh Acres, had to rent a car to get here and financially things are awful. I have no family and it is just my four kids and I. I just lost my job after 7 years and due to my baby’s health issues lost my home and my car. My son and I have been making due but I only have $30 left to get home. Susan came in last night and got us a sleeper chair and pillows. She had a social worker come and talk to me and we received food tickets and they will be setting us up with Ronald McDonald house. She took the time to notice, listen, and help. She is a true angel and put a smile on my face. It may not seem like much but for me it was a lot. Thank you so much!