Susan Person

Susan Person

Susan Person, RN, BSN

Littleton Adventist Hospital
Littleton, Colorado
United States
As Susie sang, the patient began to sing with her.

Susan is extraordinary as she goes above and beyond for each of her patients and their families, but that is not the only thing that makes her special. What makes her even more extraordinary is that she is often heard singing to her patients. I would like to share a very special moment that recently occurred that was a miracle, and I truly believe the only reason it occurred is because of Susan's extraordinary gifts.

One night, while she was working with a gentleman that had multiple strokes leaving him unable to speak beyond one or two slurred words, she began to sing to him simple, well-known songs. As she sang, the patient began to sing with her. Susie continued to sing to him and you could tell he enjoyed the time she was spending with him singing. I then overheard her tell him that he was special to her and that she enjoyed singing with him. What came next was nothing short of a miracle! He then told her very clearly and in a full sentence that she was a blessing to him. She was so shocked to hear him speak that they called his wife and both Susie and the patient sang to his wife. He was even able to speak a few very clear words to his wife. Susie later told me that the wife cried as she had not heard his true voice in a long time. This simply would not have been a miracle story to tell if Susie did not include compassion, respect, integrity, excellence, spirituality, stewardship, and imagination in her patient-centered care each and every shift.

I am truly honored to work alongside her, as are each of our co-workers. The patients significantly benefit from her and our hospital is enriched by her care.