Susan Lohse

Susan Lohse

Susan Lohse, RN

Northwest Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System
United States

I am writing this in support of honoring Susan Lohse. As the attached letter from a family indicates, Susan is a very compassionate and caring nurse who truly embraces the teachings of Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Model.

Letter from family: Susan has been a pivotal member of the healthcare team, and has literally made interventions that saved my husband’s life. She is a rare jewel among those we consider to be outstanding nurses. She herself would not boast of anything that she did, but there were so many things that made a difference in our lives:

  • Willingness to address questions, both small and large.
  • Follow through – she integrates data and serves as the glue to help hold things together in a focused manner.
  • Using humor and tough love, she insisted he do what was in his best interest (going to the Emergency Department).
  • Acts within her scope of practice.
  • Holistically oriented.
  • Went out of her way to secure physical therapy equipment when it was needed in the home.
  • She has served as an anchor for us in the sea of healthcare activity.

Another family called to personally thank Ms. Lohse for her caring and support through a challenging time. While receiving chemotherapy in the community for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the Veteran developed Cardiomyopathy. The financial burden was overwhelming, and she collaborated with his VA Primary Care Provider, Pharmacy, and Cardiology to ensure that the Veteran received his non-formulary medications in an expedited manner.

I could cite more examples, but the gist of all of this is that Ms. Lohse is an example of a nurse “who makes an enormous difference in the lives of so many people by the super-human work she does every day.”