Susan Greene

Susan Greene, BSN

Inpatient Acute Rehab
Augusta Health (VA)
Fishersville, Virginia
United States

From day one, I knew that Susan sincerely cared for me. Her entire demeanor, from body language to supportive conversation to bedside manner, convinced me that I could trust and rely upon her for sound recommendations to me, my family, and my doctor. Susan positively supported all the therapists, and encouraged me to value and embrace the work associated with recovery. She knew my habits, my likes/dislikes in detail. She forged a partnership with my daughter to coordinate food delivery from the kitchen with meal supplements from home with my vegan-vegetarian diet, she never rushed me-she spent extra time with me helping me understand the effects of my type of stroke, and she even knew things like what side I liked to sleep on and that I liked to sleep without socks. She got "on my frequency" and gave me an "I can do it attitude."