Susan Gaston

Susan Gaston, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

Susan always offers exceptional emotional support to patients and their families. One example of Susie's exceptional care was with a 34 year old male patient who was diagnosed with Hep B and possible cancer. Susan was extremely supportive to the family of this young patient, by keeping visitors at bay, so that the family could come to terms with the difficult news. As the mother was being given the news about her son, she began to weep, Susie was there and held his mother in her arms. The family continually showed their appreciation to Susie with many hugs and thank you's.

Susan Gaston, RN, Telemetry
A student nurse noticed Susan’s exceptional emotional support. During a difficult moment when a patient and his family needed privacy to deal with grave news, Susan helped the family keep visitors at bay. Susan was there for the patient’s mother, as she wept in her arms. The family was extremely grateful for her tenderness and care.