August 2018
East Tower 8
Bridgeport Hospital
United States




Upon first meeting this nurse on the 8th floor I could sense that she had my mother’s best interest at heart and that she was not just a “Registered Nurse”, but a “Real Nurse”. Susan demonstrated compassionate care and clinical expertise upon every visit with my mother. She exhibited great interest in her care and was always looking for ways to take it one step further than the orders of the evening. She knew how to utilize the services of the hospital that reached beyond what the floor had to offer. For instance, she recognized that my mother needed a new IV in the middle of the night and called a colleague for assistance. She recognized that my mother’s skin was compromised by Heparin shots and multiple failed blood draw attempts had left her swollen and black and blue. She wanted the best person for the job and she was right, this person did not make a mark and was able to get the IV in one attempt. On a separate occasion, she thought my mother, who has delicate skin, would be more comfortable in a gown without the snaps that they use in pediatric and cancer patients. So, in the middle of the night, she went searching for the right one for her. When I had questions about medications she would place reminders about her meds on the whiteboard so that I could ask the doctor about it during the day. Then the next night she would ask what they told me so that she could stay informed as well. She is not just an RN but a Real Nurse that deserves this honor and recognition for her years of dedication to this field.