Susan Bateman

Susan Bateman

Susan Bateman, RN

Home Hospice
Kirkland, Washington
United States
Sue voluntarily scheduled the harpist to visit on Friday night, which turned out to be the day before R died.

Connection: Some traits can be taken for granted but are so important to us as we experience Hospice for the first time: a warm, friendly smile, timely; good communication by texting or phone; accepted our two dogs; exuded confidence, compassion, and experience. Sue always made us feel like we were her only patient- gave me plenty of time to ask questions. Always had R as her focus. She would turn to face R and talk directly to her. Sue made me feel valued with the information I provided her. R trusted Sue. They always connected by talking about their mutual interest in shoes!

Communicate: Sue was an excellent communicator by listening and giving clear directions. Notably, one situation stands out among all others. One time, R and I disagreed on her number of BM's. R became irritated and Sue sensed it right away. She turned to R and asked her if she would like to speak to Sue alone. R said yes and Sue asked me gently to leave. I fully understood and Sue reported back to me what the discussion was after, with R's permission. R wanted an honest, direct discussion on the end of life and what to expect. Sue told her just what and how R wanted. R was so pleased and appreciated Sue's knowledge and directness. As a result, R wanted me to read her sections form the End of Life stages that Sue had referenced. It was beautiful and oh so touching for me.

Coordinate: She was flexible with her daily schedule when I called requesting her time. She would write out guidance when I needed greater clarification on meds, dosage, and timing. Sue ordered extra supplies quickly and accurately.

Above and Beyond: Sue not only scheduled the CNA, but she explained what I should expect. She also informed me about a 3rd party service for 24/7 care which I needed and asked for. And finally, and appropriately last, Sue voluntarily scheduled the harpist to visit on Friday night, which turned out to be the day before R died. And unbeknownst to Sue was that when my wife initially began Hospice in your facility before going home, she had wanted me to learn more about scheduling the harpist while we were there, which I was not able to do.

Sue delivered an unbelievable experience for R and me, that R dearly wanted. Sue was our visiting angel!