Susan Badgett

Susan Badgett

Susan Badgett, RN, BSN

Labor and Delivery
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, California
United States
Susan makes personalized “Welcome Baby” signs with the baby’s name written of the sign for the family to take home.

Susan Badgett cared for me; she was highly skilled and professional. Thanks to her, my baby was delivered successfully even when my OB/GYN was not present. She comforted me always and everything came out great. When I was getting an epidural, the pain was so strong that I felt like pushing. Susan noticed it was time and the baby was coming out, and sure enough, it did. Thank you, Susan, you were Awesome!


By definition, one of the characteristics of a compassionate nurse includes the ability to discern and respond to situations in a competent and caring manner. Susan demonstrated this type of genuine compassion and was acknowledged by this patient for emulating the following DAISY worthy attributes:

Including the patient in their plan of care

Educating the patient to address their unique needs

Partnering with their physician colleague

Going above and beyond the “call of duty”

Providing individualized, compassionate care

Living out the hospital vision of excellence

Susan has been a dedicated employee of Valley Presbyterian Hospital for 30 years. Patients love her, she goes out of her way to provide exceptional personalized patient care and endeavors to include the entire family in the birth experience. Susan also routinely visits every patient who has delivered on the Labor and Delivery Unit to sing “Las Mananitas” (Spanish Happy Birthday) to the Spanish speaking families of the new baby, as well as “Happy Birthday” to the English-speaking families. Susan makes personalized “Welcome Baby” signs with the baby’s name written of the sign for the family to take home as a momentum of this very special occasion. 

Additionally, Susan brings a “tranquility tray” to work, to help de-stress her colleagues. On the tranquility tray is play sand with shells, a bell to ring for gratitude and a small massager that she regularly uses to relax the backs of her coworkers. Many times, she will add a fragrant flower from her rose garden to the tray.  

Periodically, Susan will start the shift by reviewing her list entitled “Goals for the Day.” Some of the goals on that list include: "Everyone will take a lunch before 1300,” “The rain will stop before we have to drive home,” and more difficult tasks like, “I will make Dr. H smile today.”

Susan defuses stressful situations with humor or the perfect line from a popular song. Her presence alone increases morale and team spirit. It is abundantly clear why patients and staff alike love Susan Badgett- a nurse who is very deserving of this DAISY Award.