May 2017
Surgical/Vascular Team
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Surgical/Vascular units - Nursing Preceptor Blueprint - Project lead Ashley Kennedy

This project was selected to improve and standardize the orientation process for newly hired nurses on our unit.  The Nursing Preceptor Blueprint ensures that all RN competencies are met, which enhances the quality of care given to our patients.  When new nurses receive the training they need to safely and effectively care for our patient population, there are benefits for our patients.  The care given by a competent nurse reduces mortality rates, as it decreases errors in patient care.

The Blueprint not only strengthens the ability of the newly hired nurses during their orientation process, it also strengthens the care received by each and every patient.  We strive to be the best we can be for our patients and families.  This is evident by the care we provide and it all starts with the orientation process.  The Nursing Preceptor Blueprint created by this committee outlines a 10-12 week orientation process for what preceptors should teach and what newly hired nurses should be learning day-by-day and week-by-week.

Nurses who have been given proper training and clear direction experience increased satisfaction and reduced anxiety.  This, in turn, gives our growing population the best care possible.  The Blueprint also aims to decrease nursing shortage.  We expect this will help retain highly competent nursing staff on the unit.  When a patient receives quality care, they will want to choose Bryan Health as their first choice for health care. 

Front-line nurses make the difference by showing compassion for one another.  This attitude transfers to the patient and makes the difference in their care.  This Blueprint focuses on what Bryan stands for regarding our mission and beliefs.  Properly trained nurses have been shown to have enhanced job satisfaction to meet the goals and mission of the organization.  We have the relentless pursuit to provide excellent health care!

Members of the Surgical/Vascular Team:

Ashley Kennedy, RN
Kristin Reeder, RN
Becca Berner, RN
Barb Bakenhus, RN
Marcia Doran, RN
Kassie Lamoree, RN
Kate Stoklasa, RN
Sarah Stauffer, RN