Suliza Sulaiman

Suliza Sulaiman

Suliza Sulaiman, RN

A3 - Urology/Radiation Therapy/Gastroenterology
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Saudi Arabia
Suliza is an exceptional bedside nurse and a great leader.

Suliza Sulaiman has been a staff nurse in A3 for a decade, she has embedded the hospital values into her practice. To her colleagues, she is an epitome of an exemplary nurse, working with her gives staff a feeling of assurance because she goes out her way to help others, this is why she is nominated as one of the best employees of the month. Her open-mindedness and non-judgmental ways earned her respect from her colleagues. She respects staff of all culture. She supports change, speaks up, is always polite, and gives solutions that benefit all. Her inquisitive mind strives to find answers supported by best evidence in alignment with hospital policies when faced with challenges.

She takes time to listen to her patients’ concerns. She makes sure that her patients receive holistic care regardless of the time it takes for completion. She is a genuine patient advocate. This is proved by the numerous “Thank You” cards and letters received from patients and families who say the best things about her. She has excellent clinical experience and extensive knowledge about patients’ condition, this is why the multidisciplinary team value her input with high regard when planning patient’s care.

Suliza communicates with the unit leadership team to express her concerns about patient management. A patient was displaying signs that the prescribed pain medication therapy was not adequate. Multidisciplinary team were involved to ensure patient needs were understood and acted upon accordingly. Lessons learned from the patient were disseminated with the unit team to ensure timely referrals are submitted to appropriate teams.

A patient was admitted with numerous urinary catheters. The catheters were expected to be flushed three times a day, the closed system was frequently broken, which if left unchecked could have resulted in an infection for the patient. The unit staff partnered with the education team to identify best practice and an IFI was submitted from the unit to share the good practice with other units.

Handover received for a patient passing bloody stool, patient stated this was not the first time to pass bloody stool. Patient’s blood pressure was low but within acceptable limits. Suliza noticed there were small blood clots scattered around the toilet seat. Using the chain of command, the medical team were contacted and RRT was activated. Appropriate interventions were provided in a timely manner, patient required transfer to ICU to better manage the patient’s needs. The consultant was impressed with Suliza’s rapid response that resulted in speedy assessment and management of the patient.

Suliza is an exceptional bedside nurse and a great leader. She assumes preceptorship role. Her preceptees applaud her for being highly organized and systematic. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and recall unit procedures and protocols. She develops to do checklists to ensure tasks are completed fully and prepares the new staff to become independent. Suliza has led unit awareness activities numerous times. During unit activities, she spends significant amount of personal time designing and formulating the best program without expecting anything in return.

Suliza is truly deserving of the DAISY Award.