Suhib Adnan Othman

Suhib Adnan Othman

Suhib Adnan Othman, RN

Palliative & Hospice Care Services
King Hussein Cancer Center
Amman, 'Amman
Suhib was planning to go for a walk with us. My wife was very happy and excited!

During my stay with my wife in the Palliative ward a blood sample requested from my wife for certain blood test. My wife difficult veins made this simple procedure difficult task on her assigned nurse. The assigned nurse asked for help from his colleague Suhib.

Suhib entered the room with his confident smile and assured my wife that everything will be fine. Then he withdrawn the blood sample easily. After that he felt that my wife is upset and frustrated a lot!! Suhib sit down and talked to my wife for a while to ask her why she felt so. She expressed that she is upset because she was unable to walk.

After a while, Suhib entered our room with another colleague pushing a wheelchair. Me and my wife asked Suhib about what is going on. He answered that he is planning to go for a walk with us. My wife was very happy and excited at that moment really!

After that, Suhib and his colleague helped my wife to sit on the wheelchair slowly. He assured that she was covered to protect her privacy. My wife felt relaxed and comfortable while he was pushing the wheelchair in the palliative ward.

His initiative touched us a lot as he was very gentle with us, especially my wife. He was talking to her as if she is his mother. I do appreciate his efforts really especially that he was not the assigned nurse for her that day.