Sue Lee

Sue Lee

Sue Lee, RN

5 North Medical Oncology
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

I am constantly impressed by her compassion, work ethic and dedication to always putting her patients first. One such example of Sue's incredible nursing ability is the night she received a new admission to the unit. The patient’s family had come in frazzled and anxious. By the end of our shift I saw them hugging Sue and thanking her for how she had helped their family.

It is not just Sue's patient care that stands out. She is so considerate with her fellow staff. In a stressful work environment like an acute care hospital, I am constantly amazed by Sue's gentle way of calming a situation or dealing with any incident that arises with a patience I often admire. Sometimes the quietest workers tend to get overlooked for their everyday accomplishments of always attending to a patient's needs while collaborating with the healthcare team.

I would like Sue Lee to know that we appreciate all the attention and detail she gives to her work and the caring she consistently shows her patients and coworkers. While she may be soft spoken, her nursing speaks loud and clear.