Sue Corcoran

Sue Corcoran, ASN, RN

7 Central
Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

Nominated by colleague:
When Sue Corcoran gives patient care she goes above and beyond to meet all the physical and emotional needs of her patients and their families. She is especially cognizant of the needs of the older populations. She is meticulous with their skin care and the product she uses, ambulation schedules, assuring they are out of bed to maintain strength, and supports the family/caretakers. She goes that extra step to fix their hair for visitor or shave the elderly gentleman for a wife’s visit. When she feeds them the conversation is one of caring and compassion. Above all, she does all this while providing them with the respect and dignity they deserve. She cares so much for all her patients and I would be proud to have a loved one cared for by Sue Corcoran.
As the charge nurse on weekends she arrives early and stays late by choice to keep things organized, running smoothly and to always lend a hand. She is always aware if a nurse has a difficult assignment and is always willing to offer her assistance with feeding, bathing, ambulating, calling physicians or even making a run for supplies. As a staff nurse, when Sue is in charge, you never feel alone. You always know you can count on her if things get hectic and you need assistance. The thing is, she is so aware of this, she is usually there to help before you even have to ask her.
She is a total team player on the unit as well, always willing to help as staff nurse or charge nurse. I am proud to work with Sue Corcoran and fortunate to know her. If I or anyone in my family were a patient at Lahey Clinic, I would want Sue to care for us because she practices patient- and family-centered care. She is a wonderful nurse.