Sue Campisano

Sue Campisano, RN, CPN

Kindey Center
Children's Mercy Kansas City (MO)
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

*I shared an office with Sue for years. Much of each day she talked with parents of nephrology patients on the phone. Sue is VERY knowledgeable about every aspect of pediatric nephrology. She answered their questions, educated them, and relieved their anxiety about their ill children’s illness. She was always kind, considerate, patient, and positive with all of her families. Some of the parents at times did not want to hear what Sue had to say to them and would argue with her. She always remained calm, kind, and very patient with EACH parent as she explained over and over why their child should do what Dr. B had ordered. I was always impressed with her professional, compassionate style, no matter what obstacles she faced. She was our Nurse Manager before she became Dr. B’s nurse, and she was a fantastic Nurse Manager, as well. She was very ethical, fair, and positive to all of her staff. She continues to be a leader, a skilled nephrology nurse, mentor, and role model for all the Kidney Center staff. She retires in three months and she is SO very deserving of this award!

*I have seen Sue serve in several nursing roles over many years and she appears to do all her roles with equal competence and confidence.

*Sue comes to clinic with a smile on her face, with honesty, and good advice. When things do not go as planned she takes a breath and then she shifts gears to what needs to be done. No matter how challenging a patient is she gives of herself and will ask for help so the patient will receive the best possible care. Sue is strong - she is able to stay steady when the clinic is a whirlwind - she speaks to everyone with a positive tone. She is honest - she tells the truth with love. She is caring - she makes sure everyone is comfortable. She is brave - even though the day is crazy, she comes to work. We love Sue.