Sue Avera
July 2017
South Georgia Medical Center
United States




We recently had a child admitted that was in a car accident. You could tell she was still upset from the accident. While thankfully the child was ok she was still admitted for observation overnight. The child's family had to leave within an hour of her getting to the pediatric floor for the night. The child was visibly nervous and upset that she had no one there with her and lonely. Sue went above and beyond to make the girl comfortable. She sat with the patient numerous times to comfort the child, even though she had a full team to take care of. Sue went and found a coloring book and crayons for the girl to keep since she was in such a difficult scary position for a kid. She also found a donated teddy bear and told the child that the teddy bear told her that he was scared and lonely and he wanted to know if he could sleep with the patient that night since they were both lonely. During the shift, the patient wanted to call her mom numerous times, Sue dialed her mom's number multiple times for the patient and talked to the mother letting her know she was ok and let the girl speak to her mom. She did all this without a second thought of the things she needed to be doing and was solely thinking about the comfort of a scared child. The icing on the cake was when the little girl could not get to sleep and Sue sat in the room with her.  Sue sat in the chair next to her bedside and stayed there until she was able to fall asleep. I think the caring nature Sue showed this innocent, scared and lonely child goes extremely far in the nursing world. Nursing isn't just about actual medication to heal but healing and soothing the soul and this is exactly what Sue did that night. I am so glad I get to work next to Sue and she has been an amazing charge nurse and mentor to me.