Subhieh Abu Odeh

Subhieh Abu Odeh

Subhieh Abu Odeh, SN3

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Jeddah
United States

Subhieh Abu Odeh always performs a high standard of care to the patient in triage as well as inside the core area.

Last month, it was her off duty and she came to the department to attend our monthly unit council meeting. After the unit council meeting, while she was leaving the hospital, she saw a patient crying near the entrance of the emergency department. She asked the patient if she needed help and the patient told her that she is suffering from severe chest pain and she could not proceed for a medical treatment or checkup, because she has no file at the hospital and therefore the patient is not eligible for any medical help at KFSHRC. Ms. Subhieh tried to help her by asking the triage nurses to do the basic assessment until the registration issue is resolved. But unfortunately they refused and said they cannot proceed as it's against hospital policy. Ms. Subhieh went and talked to the admission office about the patient. But they refused to help due to the same policy issue. She went to the charge nurse thinking that she might help the poor patient but she refused. Eventually, she went and approached the chairman of the department and explained the condition of the patient. She convinced the chairman to help the patient on a humanity basis. Ms.Subheih and the chairman went to the patient who was still complaining of chest pain. The triage nurses and Subhieh did the basic first assessment and ECG was done also found out that the patient was a level 2 and she was transferred directly to the cath lab after 2 hours trying to get help for her.

During her day off, she stayed for hours trying to help the patient. Her actions reflected her commitment to help the patient and play the same role that all nurses must do to be the Angel of mercy especially with high risk patients. She talked to the family, tried to reassure them that the patient is in good hands now, and the registration issue had been resolved by the physician. The patient's family was so stressed out and thanked her for helping and for saving patient's life.

While Ms. Subhieh was getting ready to go home after her duty, she heard a patient calling for help. So she went to her immediately and found her shaking, sweating and dizzy. She asked her if she is a diabetic patient and the patient confirmed. She checked her blood sugar and found critically low ( 2.1 mmol). She opened her purse and gave her a piece of chocolate, asked her to lie down and do not get out of bed, then she went to the primary nurse and told the physician about the condition of the patient and ensured that she is seen and provided medical care.