Suad Aldawsari

Suad Aldawsari

Suad Aldawsari, BSN, RN

Surgical Oncology Clinic - KACOLD LA
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Suad supports, encourages and motivates the team in any activities and events. It is a joy working with Suad because I have witnessed her excellent nursing skills and a compassionate attitude. She always displays a genuine positive attitude.

“Everyday nurses provide remarkable, inspiring and innovative care that brings untold improvements to the lives of patients, co-workers and their loved ones”. It is an opportunity for us from Surgical Oncology Clinic L7A KACOLD to recognize Suad Aldawsari SN1 for all her hard work and at the same time to celebrate her excellent, exceptional service and compassionate nursing.

Suad Aldawsari is a dedicated nurse working in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre since 2011. In April 2017, Suad joined the new clinic in KACOLD L7A which is a totally new experience for her and she embraced working in the Surgical Oncology Clinic. Within a very short period of time, she mastered the clinic and she was nominated to be the unit charge nurse. Being the unit charge nurse, Suad plays a key role in driving the clinical practice, improving quality outcomes for patients and supporting her co-staff to assist in day to day clinic operation. Having her in the clinic is really important in managing the clinic flow, ensuring a smooth daily clinic operation and being respectful to the patient, families, all other healthcare professionals, and colleagues. Suad is someone who is focused, driven and dedicated as the unit shines brightly because of her unmeasurable contributions. Suad is organized and multi-tasks her duties and makes sure that the patients stay safe.  She is proactive and uses critical thinking to demonstrate her excellent nursing care and being an effective charge nurse for the unit. She is at all times ready to offer any help in any given situation. She is our resource for any concern within the unit with a caring attitude and smiling face. She supports, encourages and motivates the team in any activities and events.  It is a joy working with Suad because I have witnessed her excellent nursing skills and a compassionate attitude.  She always displays a genuine positive attitude.

An elderly patient (in a wheelchair) came to the clinic at around 0830 hours with a sitter. Suad immediately attended to the patient as the patient looked sick. Suad realized that the patient came to the wrong clinic. Since the patient looked sick, Suad took her vital signs and the result was within normal range. Yet she was not happy to send the patient to go to the right clinic appointment with the sitter alone.

Suad decided to go with the patient for her appointment. On their way to the clinic, the patient vomited and complained of dizziness. Immediately Suad called for help and activated RRT. The patient was then taken to the emergency department. Suad remained with the patient and offered her help to the patient and the healthcare providers until the patient was stabilized. The patient and family members appreciated her patient-centered intervention.

As nurses, we are inquisitive and strive to reach even greater goals, so we should always accept opportunities for advancement, find nurses like Suad who excel in the nursing profession and emulate her for her excellent job in our unit. We sincerely hope that Suad will be recognized and make significant contributions to the nursing profession.