Stephanie M. Hanson

Stephanie Hanson

Stephanie M. Hanson, RN, BSN

CHI St. Alexius Health Dickinson
Dickinson, North Dakota
United States
When Stephanie walked into to the room later that night, I had no questions whatsoever of whether my daughter would be in good care.

We spent last week at the hospital after my daughter had a car incident. She was moved from the ER where she initially came into the ER holding rooms for observation for the night. She had only been there a few hours and was feeling sore, tired, and emotional after her accident. As a mother of 3 I was struggling with staying at the hospital with her for the night to help her do things (get to the bathroom get her water small things that are a struggle when you are in pain) or go home and be with the younger siblings as they had school in the morning and we were all in need of a good night's sleep after an emotional day.

When Stephanie walked into to the room later that night, I had no questions whatsoever of whether my daughter would be in good care. My daughter can be shy and worries about asking for help as she thinks it can be a burden. I was worried she would be too nervous to push her light or tell them of pain or that she needed something. That was not the case with Stephanie. All fear that I had that she might be uncomfortable was completely gone and after a trying day, it was an absolutely amazing relief to know that she would care for my daughter and that she would be cared for well.

Stephanie carries herself so that she goes about making sure everything is done properly but that it doesn't feel like a clinical setting; it's like an old friend that you want to open up to about anything and everything while she makes sure all is well. She makes it comfortable to talk about embarrassing pains or problems so that they can be addressed without any humiliation. She brings out her sense of humor so a long day in a hospital room turns into a room filled with laughs and smiles. I am so very grateful that she walked into the room that night. I could instantly tell that my daughter felt completely comfortable and I was able to rest well and care for my younger children without stress or hesitation. Her ability to lighten the mood and to understand her patients' needs so well is a beautiful trait and that she chooses to use those skills right alongside her medical skills fills me with so much gratitude.

I still smile when I think of her walking in because she instantly transformed a tough day and gave me such a sense of peace. Stephanie didn't have to be that kind that compassionate that welcoming. She could have done the medical care and left it at that. I have no idea what day she had if she had little people waiting at home while she had a long night shift but there was not an ounce of resentment that she was there, and she put her patients' needs front and center. She didn't do her job just to get it done and get out of there she went above and beyond and again we are so very grateful for her care.