Stephanie Binick

Stephanie Binick, RN

Dermatology Clinic
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Since Stephanie has been on board with us this past year, a beam of sunshine has been in our clinic. She is always professional and always has a smile. She treats everyone with respect, dignity and kindness and is always patient with staff and patients, no matter what kind of difficult situation is presented. She communicates clearly and is thorough in her care. On several occasions she has “gone above and beyond” for patients to ensure their care. One colleague wrote about taking care of a patient family member who came into the clinic injured. While the colleague stayed with the patient, Stephanie brought ice, made phone calls and generally took care of the clinic, enabling the other nurse to take care of the patient. “She does this sort of thing all the time.” Stephanie shows through example what a nurse should be.