Stephanie Ashby

Stephanie Ashby

Stephanie Ashby, RN

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

Stephanie is the very essence of being a RN. I came to EECP at Winchester Medical Center from the hospital in Lynchburg, VA. My Cardiologist had just diagnosed congestive heart failure, and to say the least I was confused about what CHF meant for my life. My heart was already in bad shape and I have many other illnesses to complicate things. I really wondered if I could handle all of this.

Stephanie immediately made me feel comfortable and was so assuring that things would get better and that I could handle this. As I went through the two hour long EECP sessions, Stephanie talked me through my concerns and made me feel confident of success. Her calm demeanor and friendly nursing style is just what I needed.

Stephanie is also the most competent nurse I have ever met. She was able to answer every question I had and is more up-to-date on medications and heart procedures than most NP and doctors I have dealt with.

Stephanie is a very beautiful person who works in an area that may not get a lot of attention. She deserves to be recognized for her competent work and very calm spirit as she works with heart patients.