Stella Prey

Stella Prey

Stella Prey, BSN, RN

Hematology, Oncology, and BMT
UW Health
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
Stella was instrumental in turning things around for me.

Stella was working the night shift when I was very sick with complications of a ruptured appendix. At first, it seemed like the doctors only took notice of how the surgical sight was healing, but Stella noticed that something else was wrong and that I was in great distress. She asked questions, really listened to what I was saying, did some problem-solving, and took the initiative to bring in a doctor to my room in the middle of the night.

X-rays of my abdomen were ordered, and pockets of bacteria were found to be forming. She noticed that my breathing was ragged. She asked the doctor to come back. Chest X-rays were ordered. The bottoms of my lungs were collapsing. I was put on oxygen. From then on, the doctors were very attentive and tried a variety of things until my health started improving.

Stella was instrumental in turning things around for me. I appreciate her kind and gentle manner, her excellent nursing and problem-solving skills, her professionalism, and strong advocacy skills. I have the greatest respect for all of the 31 nurses and nursing assistants that worked with me during the 11 days of my hospital stay. Everyone was so kind and caring and knowledgeable. But it’s Stella that stands out as my hero on that night. Stella definitely deserves the DAISY Award.