Stefanie Davis

Stefanie Davis

Stefanie Davis, BSN, RN

Nursing Pool
Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals - Center City (PA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

I have read many of the letters exemplifying why nurses should receive the DAISY Award and it came to mind that our own 3NE nurse, Stefanie Davis, should have been nominated for this award many times. I have worked with Stefanie over 7 years and despite some of the difficult days that can be had on our unit Stefanie always cares for each patient as if they were a part of her very own family! Stefanie has stayed late to accompany patients to tests and has missed many meals deciding to give patient care instead.

We have had some patients who had extended hospital stays and for one, Stefanie brought in decorations purchased with her own money to decorate the patient's room for Christmas, for another patient, who hardly had any visitors, Stefanie gave a stuffed bunny to the patient to have for comfort while asleep in bed. Also, Stefanie brought in some of her husband's clothes, which her husband didn't use and were in very good condition, and gave them to a patient, who was assumed homeless and was staying on our unit for a while for extensive antibiotic treatment, because he was always cold and hated to wear the hospital gown and pants.

I think that Stefanie is truly a special person who's love and generosity proves how deserving she is of the DAISY Award!

Nurse's Qualities & Attributes:

Serves as a role model for the nursing profession

Shows enthusiasm and energy toward the challenges of nursing

Has significantly made a difference in the life of a patient

Works collaboratively to meet patient and family goals

Provides excellent care

Shows compassion toward patients and families

Exemplifies the mission, vision and values of TJUH