May 2017
The Staff of 3 West
at Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe
RNs and More
Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe
Grosse Pointe
United States




3W UPC has accomplished a myriad of other projects improving Unit morale, education, and effectiveness. These include a monthly NCA recognition program – “NCA Stars”, quarterly Journal Club (with CEs provided), “That Bed is Not Your Friend” campaign [which has helped reinforce mobility to Patients. So much so that some Family Members have requested copies of the poster so they could hang it in their home to further encourage mobility!], 3W Staff Facebook page (a closed group), reorganizing patient room nurse servers, getting hat holders in patient restrooms, establishing a designated linen and blanket warmer room, and they have suggested a hospital-wide, cost-saving method with tube feed.

And there’s more! 3W UPC has assisted reviewing Corporate Policies, worked with Volunteer Services to get Volunteers assigned to help out on the Unit, supported the Michigan Hospital Association with the Small Test of Change CAUTI program, started a Medication of the Month Inservice and a Policy of the Month Review. They listen to any and all suggestions from Staff and try to make it happen. It seems as if getting better and striving to be the best is something always on their minds.

A patient said, "I was a patient recently and the staff was exceptional. I am a retired RN. They (staff) from housekeepers to dietary to nursing, everyone was pleasant and did their job efficiently. I never had to wait for anything. I even had a rapid response which scared me to no end and everyone treated me so well. I was very ill and everyone was so helpful. They all deserve a gold star!"

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Patricia Ackley, BSN, RN

Erin Dionne, BSN, RN

Leslie Emerson, ADN, RN

Giulia Heiden, BSN, RN

Mohammed Islam, BSN, RN

Carol Lebioda, BSN, RN

Ashlee Owens, BSN, RN

Erin Savinov, BSN, RN

Andrew Schlaud

Morgan Bennett

Jacquelyn Bowness