Stacy Yip

Stacy Yip

Stacy Yip, RN

Citrus Valley Health Partners
Covina, California
United States

Stacy exceeded our expectations. As a father and mother, we lost our daughter on Wednesday. Stacy stood by our side all the way. She helped us. She went out of her way to help us losing a daughter, my wife was having seizures and lupus and me as a father needing support and mental motivation. She was there and she was by far the best nurse I have ever seen. My understanding for a DAISY award is greatness being a DAISY. I feel like this award was made for people like her. The father that lost his daughter and wow I am happy for Stacy. She helped me on the worst time of my life. Took care of things when my wife was in CCU. Stacy was by far the best nurse. I read the information on why a DAISY award was made and now we both feel like she is our DAISY.


Stacy Yip is a nurse that consistently goes above and beyond. She recently demonstrated this with a patient that she cared for from May 19 through discharge on May 31. This patient had a very complicated and devastating course of events. She and her significant other developed tremendous trust and confidence in Stacy's care. Stacy supported them and led them through an extraordinarily difficult and heartbreaking family decision. Stacy displayed exceptional respect, compassion and integrity during the course of this patient's entire hospitalization. The patient was moved to other units 2 times and each time they stated "We just want to be back where Stacy is, we feel so safe in her care" They told me that Stacy was an example of "how nurses should be-caring for the patient and her family-being an advocate for their physical AND their emotional needs". I am privileged to work side by side with Stacy, and I have seen this same level of integrity time and time again. She has the profound gratitude not only of this particular patient, but of many other patients.