Stacy Wright

Stacy Wright

Stacy Wright, RN

Emergency Department
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Denali Center
Fairbanks, Alaska
United States

Besides Stacy's excellent nursing skills, she is a very caring and compassionate nurse. She cares about her patients, their families and her coworkers. She has come in to help in the middle of the night to help the department when they were busy with multiple one on one patients, even when she was not officially on call! She walks into the department and goes straight to work no matter the job. She does all this with a smile. No job is too big or small for her. She has been known to clean a patient before the doctor comes in to see them, because the patient was ashamed that they had an "accident" and didn't want the doctor to see them in that state.

Stacy is an excellent trauma nurse and always is helpful in emergent situations. She will take a new nurse or tech and teach by example, while taking care of these very sick patients. She is the ER liaison with the local EMS and is a part time flight nurse for one of the local flight crews.

Stacy is a caring nurse in taking care of the little details in her patient are like holding a hand, giving a warm blanket, or comforting a family member who has had some devastating news. She also takes care of the staff involved in the post crisis phase of the job, making sure everyone has the tools they need to cope. She is an excellent charge nurse and works well with the MD's.

The best thing is when you see her smiling face you know that the night just got better!