Stacy Le

Stacy Le

Stacy Le, RN, BSN, RN-BC, ACM

Case Management
Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States
Stacy also advocated for the patient with the insurance company.

Stacy Le is an exceptional Nurse Case Manager who is going beyond her call of duty all the time.  She evaluates and formulates a plan of care for her patients in a timely manner.  She helps us keep our joint program running smoothly and prevents readmission.  We are always pushing for discharges, but she assesses the patient's needs and advocates for patients with me and with physicians to get them to the right level of care.  If she thinks the patient’s condition warrants for a longer stay she will speak with the physician and me to get the care her patients need.

While making my leader rounds in March, I spoke with a patient and she thanked me immensely for having a case manager, Stacy, who went beyond her call of duty to assist her.  This patient came for an outpatient surgery and had difficulty returning home since she lost her home after Hurricane Harvey.  She was staying with a friend and the friend is not able to assist her during her recovery.  The patient had a broken leg and was not able to care for herself.  She was estranged from her son and she did not have any other family.  She did not have her son’s phone number, but she had an email address. 

Stacy emailed him and explained the situation to him.  Finally, mother and son talked to each other again after a long period of time.  Stacy also advocated for the patient with the insurance company and got her accepted to an SNF for her recovery; usually, the insurance will not authorize an SNF stay after this kind of surgery. The patient had tears in her eyes while she was talking to me about her situation. 

Stacy is very deserving of the DAISY Award!