Stacy Knopf

Stacy Knopf, AD, RN

UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

The financial markets have the gold standard to which all monies are compared to and value assigned according. Nursing also has it's own "gold standard" which can be seen in the Magnet status some hospitals have acquired as well as certification as stroke centers or chest pain centers of excellence. Individual nurses also have the "gold standard" by which their practice or skill level is compared through certification in a particular area of nursing or by acquiring clinical ladder recognition. Zale Lipshy Day Surgery has been fortunate for a number of years to have Stacy Knopf RN; she is our "gold standard"- someone whom other nurses measure themselves against with the utmost in sincerity and respect for her.

Stacy never fails to step up to challenges whether it is being chairman of the UBC for 2 terms, spearheading our discharge instruction committee, being a member of the journal club, relief charge nurse as well as relief clinical coordinator, precepting new employees, as well as presenting in-services to Day Surgery as well as PACU employees whenever the need arises. Stacy is such an integral part of our day surgery that all she does isn't apparent but what is apparent is her ethical standards, her compassion for others regardless of being a patient, nurse, housekeeper, physician or visitor, and her relentless energy to be available for anyone who may need a hug, a question answered, help with a task, emotional support, updates in our area, the list is long for all she contributes.

What sets Stacy apart from other nurses who also display excellence and compassion in nursing is the "extras" she does without warrant of recognition. I was lucky enough to have Stacy as my preceptor when I recently became part of the day surgery staff and there were many times I saw Stacy give that extra touch to help someone; one situation in particular stands out:

We had an elderly couple from out of town as our guests in the day surgery unit with one of the couple being the patient getting discharged, both utilized walkers to get around and didn't know of any pharmacies to obtain the discharge medications from. Stacy had the physician call in the prescriptions to a pharmacy and Stacy went over and picked them up for the couple prior to discharge. Since she was precepting me, we were both responsible for discharging the patient and I would not have known about her getting the prescriptions except the couple told me how thoughtful Stacy was and what a difference this made for them. This is one example of her extra touch which makes a world of difference for someone else.

Stacy Knopf is an example of nursing as well as UT Southwestern at its best.