Stacy Dewitt

Stacy Dewitt

Stacy Dewitt, RN

Allegiance Health
Jackson, Michigan
United States

A family member was taken to Allegiance ER via ambulance. One nurse - Stacy Dewitt - stood out with her professionalism and positive personal demeanor all rolled into one! Stacy's genuine care and concern put my family member and me in a "centered place" among all the turmoil. Stacy wore a smile on her face and answered any and all the questions. She fully explained the tests and why all tests were being done. She treated us like family! Through these trying times, we will be forever grateful to Stacy for helping us start to come to some positive terms with this new journey in our lives. Allegiance should be very proud to have Stacy as part of the team.


Stacy is the RN who holds every quality of what nursing is all about: knowledge, compassion, critical thinking skills, professionalism, teamwork, and communication skills. She is always recognized by her patients when I do my Customer Service Rounds. Stacy had cared for her family member all five days and she said, "I don't know what I will do without her tomorrow" - the patient agreed. I am constantly getting words of praise from her patients. Stacy is also a preceptor. The new nurses are so impressed with her nursing skills - they want to be like her!