Stacie Kirchner

Stacie Kirchner, RN

Cross Country Healthcare
Boca Raton, Florida
United States

Stacie Kirchner has been a licensed RN since 1997 and joined our office back in January '07; after having completed earlier travel assignments through InteliStaf Travel. Stacie continues to be a tremendous asset to the Branch and an excellent representation for MSN in the field. Every Facility Employee Evaluation received on Stacie Kirchner has been rated as "Excellent" / "Exceeds Expectations" with comments such as: "We Love Stacie"; "Great Nurse and a Team Player"; "Very Knowledgeable"; "Great with Patients and Families"; "First day - did great just jumping in and working". Stacie Kirchner’s extraordinary nursing skills and dedication to the patients is evident by virtue of the fact that she is continually requested by Facilities for Contract assignments (even during our slowest seasons). We thank you all for this opportunity to nominate, a most deserving, Stacie Kirchner for this month’s recipient of the DAISY Award.