The Special Delivery Unit Team at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The Special Delivery Unit Team at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Special Delivery Unit
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Margaret Collazo, NM; Aimee Coursey, RN/Supervisor; Emily Divalerio, RN/SQS; Erin O’Hara, RN/CNE; Jill Albright, RN; McKensie Andreatti, RN; Sewana Catoe, RN; Emily Chamberlain, RN; Melissa Chiroux, RN; Jillian Dunbar, RN; Shannon M. Fox, RN; Maureen Gatenby, RN; Kristin Germana, RN; Mariel V. Gonzalez, RN; Arlene N. Ibarra-Lopez, RN; Kristen Karasek, RN; Kiera Lanni, RN; Binal Lippincott, RN; Zoe Marcus, RN; Tanya C. McKenzie, RN; Lindsay M. Mercado, RN; Stefanie T. Modri, RN; Mary Cecelia O’Neill, RN; Maggie Parude, RN; Joann M. Polino, RN; Judy L. Prince, RN; Bethany Pritchard, RN; Colleen Pyne, RN; Jen Resto, RN; Alicia Short, RN; Stephanie P. Sidlow, RN; Kelley L. Wolcott, RN; Jamie K. Bain, IPC; Aisha T. Hamilton, IPC; Michele T. Dixon, IPC; Totiana Roundtree, IPC; Linda A. Hammond, IPC; Shakeerah Reed-Craig, IPC; Anita B. Bradley, OB Tech; Carrie Brannigan, OB Tech; Ken Davis, OB Tech; Shayna Williams, OB Tech; Steven L. Derry, OB Tech; Miriam Magobet, OB Tech; Malika Taylor, OB Tech; Nicole Chance, Coordinator

As if we didn't think you were already remarkable for what you do every day. We cannot thank you enough for the time and thoughtfulness you put into making the book for us. We could never have known what working in the SDU means to the team but/for your finding a way to let us know! We are simply overwhelmed.

B commented to me that this culture of teamwork -or esprit de corps- must come from the top, your leaders. We are beyond grateful to have such leaders who, along with our families, are able to motivate you to do the best that you can do every day.

Erin, what you and the staff conveyed in the book is that your satisfaction derives from working at such a basic human level, where people are their most vulnerable. You recognize this as an honor and one that you view as sacred. I hope that you never lose that feeling. It makes all the difference in the world to people who are scared and in crisis.

As many of you noted, there are families you will never forget and even more who will never forget you. We were also really impressed by the respect and energy that you derive from each other on the team.

We are grateful for every team member who took the time to write something about their job and included a picture (and probably a few who were unable to participate). You are angels on earth and we hope that many of the families continue to let you know this.

We are so proud to be associated with you.