Sophia Arnold

Sophia Arnold

Sophia Arnold, RN

Staff Resources
Miami Valley Hospital

Sophia is an excellent nurse! She has what it takes to be a well-rounded nurse. My questions were answered promptly and all my needs were met as they came up. She is very friendly, always positive and wearing her big smile! She is a very impressive team player. I would want Sophia on my team. I give her a rating of 120%. Sophia is very kind, considerate, and attentive to her patient's needs. She is a great asset to your MVH staff! Thank you, Sophia, for making my stay better!


It is truly a joy to work with Sophia! As a staff resource nurse, she floats to many different units and we do love having her come to work with us. She is so thoughtful, kind and very compassionate with her patients and their families. Staff working with her also feel how special she is as she is always willing to help us even when she is busy with her own patients. She simply radiates love for people and has a real heart for being a caregiver. Her clinical skills are excellent, she is a wonderful communicator and shares her knowledge with her patients and coworkers.

Working on different units is a challenge that many of us would not be successful doing. Sophia makes it look easy. She is always perceived as being positive and happy as she delivers exceptional care to her team and patients. Patients often comment how much they enjoy Sophia being their nurse.

Sophia makes such a difference in the lives of her patients and her coworkers just by being who she is.......a very special person and an extraordinary nurse!