Sonja Eddleman


Driscoll Children's Hospital
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

I have seen lot of good work here at Driscoll but I was so touch by the way Sonja came up to our Tower to help a Mom understand how to cope with a loss of her son's once normal life due to an accident. Given the history of what Sonja has gone thru herself and the crisis she faced with her own son's hospitalization just moved me so much to see some one give that part of herself to others like this grieving Mom. Since Sonja's visit to this Mom, the Mom has stopped yelling at the staff, tells them thank you, discusses the book she is reading to help her cope, got involved in her son's care, and is starting to smile alot. She calls the staff by first name and discuss the agenda for the day. if I can describe in words what Sonja has done for this Mom in such great loss and grief and help her turn this around I would probably run out of space. What Sonia has done for the staff to help them understand how to help and not feel helpless is another story. What Sonja has done for me well it is unforgetable.