Sonia Betancourt

Sonia Betancourt, RN

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Riverside, California
United States

Sonia truly brightens the day of any individual she comes in contact with. Whether it be a patient, fellow nurse or even someone visiting their sick relative, she has the capability to bring a smile to any face with the caring aura of warmth that surrounds her daily. I have witnessed patients in the ICU, even while in immense pain, smile and begin talking, simply at the site of Sonia entering the room. Especially important, her infectious smile and lovable personality keeps the morals of her co-workers up at all times and is the motivating drive behind the Kaiser’s ICU strive to be the best.

In addition to her excessively compassionate patient care, Sonia also runs the ICU volunteer program in which she allows for, and organizes, the ability for future health care professionals to gain personal insight into the environment in which they plan to find a career. It is through this specific program that I personally have come to know Sonia as well as appreciate her kindness and expertise. From the first I set foot in Kaiser’s ICU, she has supported, guided and even helped to push me in the direction of wanting to become a doctor.

Coming from the perspective of a future M.D., I would not only be extremely thrilled to be able to work with someone like Sonia due to her overall caring and compassionate nature, but would be ecstatic to know I have someone as intelligent, who provides such exemplary service, to trust as a team-mate in patient care. I can truly and honestly say that Sonia is the definition of what a nurse should be.