Sonam Choenzom

Jessica Sylvester, Manager, Kathy Wilde-CNO

Sonam Choenzom, RN

Rapid Treatment Unit
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
Sonam provides high-quality patient care with every patient, every time.

Sonam Choenzom from the Rapid Treatment Unit is a DAISY Nurse for her clinical skills, compassionate care, exemplary service and for her continued commitment to excellence.  At HCMC, professional nurses strive to care, connect and coordinate.  Sonam provides high-quality patient care with every patient, every time.  She communicates therapeutically and is able to build immediate rapport with patients and their families.  When speaking of Sonam, one of her peers stated, "She never gives up on anyone."  This quote serves to illustrate Sonam's dedication to the profession of nursing at HCMC.  These qualities are also evident when Sonam is working as part of the larger interdisciplinary team. 

She is an exemplar for professionalism and communicates with respect while advocating for her patients.  Sonam is a walking example of patient-centered care and is a role model for the other nurses on the unit.  She has a positive attitude, is flexible and has an unmatched work ethic.  The Rapid Treatment Unit is lucky to have her working with our patients day in and day out.