Socorro Arceo

Socorro Arceo

Socorro Arceo, RN

Endoscopy Unit
AdventHealth Celebration
Celebration, Florida
United States
Without a second thought, Socorro immediately went into action.

On Monday, at around 0600, a car pulled into the Valet area of Advent Health Celebration. A man jumped out of the car, ran up to an individual asking, "Are you a nurse?", "Are you a nurse?" An employee on her way into work said: "Yes, I am". The man frantically said to her something like, "the head is out". When the RN got to the car, she found a woman in labor in the passenger seat, the head of the baby crowning.

Without a second thought, she immediately went into action. She yelled for assistance and had someone call up to Labor and Delivery. As she is supporting the mother and asking her, "Is this your first baby?" and awaiting the answer, the baby was born. She quickly warmed and cleaned the baby, wrapped it in a blanket provided by Concierge and placed it on the mother's abdomen. She then remained with the family until additional staff arrived. She handed off care of the mother and infant to the Labor and Delivery team and then clocked into work.

This wonderful employee is Socorro Arceo and she works in the Endoscopy Unit here at Celebration. This is only one story of going above and beyond for Socorro. She is often in the right place at the right time.

Socorro made a couple's scariest moment an easy one by loving them enough to stop on her way in and not ignore the cries for help. This is the type of person and Nurse Socorro is and we are lucky to have her in the Endoscopy Unit and at Advent Health Celebration.