Siree Busaracome

Siree Busaracome

Siree Busaracome, RN

Hemodialysis Unit Mahachai2 Hospital
MedPark Hospital and Mahachai Hospital Public Company Limited
Kratumban, Samut Sakhon
When I was anxious about my disease, Nurse Siree stayed beside me and gave me the warmest smile.

Compliments to Nurse Siree, who is very kind and calming. Actually, everyone in the Hemodialysis Room is kind and they take great care of their patients. However, I'm especially impressed with Nurse Siree because she always takes good care of me and often asks me about my health. She always gives great advice and information about my disease. When I was anxious about my disease, she stayed beside me and gave me the warmest smile. On my first day of dialysis by AVF, I was very scared. Nurse Siree gave me information on the advantages of dialysis by AVF and gave me encouragement.

When I go to the hospital for Hemodialysis, some days I have a car to pick me up, and some days I do not. My best impression of her was on a day, after my dialysis at 8:30 PM, and I had not eaten anything since noon. I was starving and exhausted, I fainted. I only remembered that I felt cold and dizzy before I fell to the floor. Someone took me to the medical department. And in my mind, I thought I had no one to pick me up and no one would know what happened to me. Just at that moment, I heard someone came in, "where's my patient?".  At that moment, I felt so relieved and grateful that someone knew and came for me. Tears came running down to my face, Nurse Siree came in with a glass of sweet drink to help give quick energy. She is like a cousin or a family member to me, even though she is a nurse and I am her patient.

Lastly, Nurse Siree, I would like to thank you for your kind support always. It made an impact on me, and I truly appreciate it.