Sindhu Chacko

Sindhu Chacko, RN

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Scottish Rite, Egleston and Hughes Spaulding
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Sindhu Chacko, Staff Nurse—Resource, CICU, Children’s at Egleston
Sindhu Chacko joined Children’s after her family moved from India where she had also worked as a nurse. Sindhu handled the adjustment to a new city, culture and work environment with the utmost grace. She displayed remarkable tenacity and perseverance, learning about heart defects, taking PALS, comforting bereaved parents and becoming familiar with our Epic tools. Parents praise her attention to detail, her compassion and her patience in taking time to teach them about their child’s condition. Sindhu has many fans at Children’s, but she is thankful for the learning opportunities she has here and the technologies we use to help patients. “When I think about the past, I remember many kids that were not able to survive many heart surgeries in India, part of the reason was poor technology…I feel good when I see so many kids here survive…” Sindhu also feels empowered as a nurse and now considers it more than a job. This is her career. We are very proud that Sindhu is pursuing her career with us.