May 2017
at Beaumont Hospital - Troy
Beaumont Hospital - Troy
United States
Amanda Antczak, PA-C
Andrea Rossi, DO
Annette Adams, RN
Carmen Reguero, RN
Cathy Meikle, RN
Diane Moskal, RN
Dr. Browning
Dr. Pentiak
Eleanor Yabut, RN
Francesca Qualis, RN
Heather Combare, RN
Jessie Downden
Jocelyn Miramonti, RN
John Yax, MSW
Karen Renze, CA
Kirsten Wood, RN
Lacey Markanovich, NA
Laura Bellinger, RN
Lauren Hughes, RN
Lourdes Bonot, RN
Maia Serra, RN
Mark Deschaine, RN
Matthew Trunsky, MD
Meghan Slavin, RN
Melanie Wilson, RN
Melissa Nasers, RN
Nicole Misch, RN
Roxanne Ropponen, RN
Sallie Amalfitano, MSW
Sam Allen, DO
Samantha Murray, NA
Sarah Groholske, RN
Sheryl Haneghan, RN
Steven Axe, Chaplain, Spiritual Care
Sue Sacdalan, RN
Tiffany Simmons, CA
Ulyana Kryvchenko, RN




One Sunday, SICU received a teenage trauma patient from EC. She had suffered severe injuries from a motor vehicle accident and was in very critical condition. Even after lacerations were sutured, she was hemorrhaging and showing signs of DIC. She was hemodynamically unstable due to volume depletion and the entire team worked diligently to stabilize her. Even in the midst of this serious situation, the SICU team maintained their composure and between all of them, they ensured that the families' needs were met.

At one point, the social worker pulled the patient's primary nurse, Nicole Misch, aside and asked if she needed the parents to leave the bedside. Nicole assured her that if at any time the patient's safety was at risk of being compromised she would ask people to move or step out. However, as these might be the last moments that they would have with their daughter, Nicole was willing to work around them and refused to deprive them of the valuable time with their daughter.

The entire team who cared for both the patient and the large family were not only compassionate in their care of everyone but very dedicated to doing everything possible to save this patient's life. The admitting team consisted of Dr. Browning, Dr. Pentiak, trauma PA Amanda, Nicole Misch RN, Mark Deschaine RN, Elanor Yabut RN, Laura Bellinger RN, Lacey NA, Tiffany CA, and the RRT RN (Sue). Sallie Amlfitano from our Social Work department was present and helped the family and friends cope with the situation.

Laura assisted at the bedside and with the assistance of Elanor, they monitored and provided care to the other patients on the floor. Laura eventually assumed care of Nicole's other patients because she was consumed with caring for the new admission.

Maia Serra RN and Francesca Qualls RN had primary responsibility for caring for the patient, family, and friends throughout the night shift, showing compassion and empathy the entire shift. They were supported by their team members Meghan Slavin RN, Lauren Hughes RN, Jocelyn Miramonti RN, and Jessie Dowden RN. The night team did an exceptional job handling the situation for everyone involved.

There were other physicians that helped support the care of this patient including, Dr. Trunsky who came in at 11:30 PM until 1:00 AM to perform the first BD test. Dr. Rossi completed the 2nd test 12 hours later. Dr. Allen made sure that GOL was re-contacted to make sure the patient was reviewed for possible donation. The efforts of these physicians made it possible for the family to have the opportunity to consider organ donation in this situation.

The next morning, Carmen Reguero RN and Sarah Groholske RN took over care for the family while they spent their last hours with their daughter. Per Rev. Steven Axe, they were unobtrusive, respectful, and kind as they did their job. Roxanne Ropponen RN supported the family by requesting that hand molds be made for them. Sheryl Haneghan the Charge Nurse, Melissa Nasers RN, Ulyana Kryvchenko RN, Melanie Wilson RN, Samantha Murray, and Karen Renze took care of all the other patients on the unit that morning.

Deane, Kirsten, and Heather from the Mother-Baby unit spent several hours making the molds with the family. They displayed great patience with the twin sister as she struggled with the whole situation.

Sallie Amlfitano and John Yax from our Social Work department did an awesome job caring for the large groups of teens and the huge family and friends' wishes. Cathy Meikle helped set up the classroom for the family and friends, so other visitors were not overwhelmed. Lourdes Bonot, ANM, supported everyone in my absence.

Many staff members told me that there was not a single person who was not impacted by this case. Everyone on the team had to set aside their emotions to focus on providing the best possible care for the patient. Dr. Pentiak never left the bedside and no other team member left the unit with dry eyes after their shifts ended. Nicole stayed until 11:30 PM. Nicole expressed that she was truly blessed to work with such a dedicated, compassionate group of individuals.

This was a tough one. Every staff member identified with the family in some way and felt the emotion of their loss. I am very sorry that I was not here to help support the staff buy am very proud of the excellent job everyone did in this situation. They truly were "caring people, caring for people"!