Sichel Cox

Sichel Cox, RN

Adventist Health Frank R. Howard Memorial
Willits, California
United States

Sichel was very caring and gentle and also excellent with the family. She really deserves to be commended for her excellent work.


Sichel provided attentiveness, with attention to detail (measurement of urine output noted and discarded when other staff ceased to perform and I was discarding urine from a container). She kept me informed of what she was doing and the reason in a soothing voice. Her actions with words and direct eye contact reflect that the patient’s care and well-being are her primary concern.

Patient care is important to this RN. I was an inpatient for 17 days and I still recall the soothing and caring voice of the nightshift RN whom I never was able to get the name of to let her know how grateful I was of her excellent care. It is important to acknowledge staff when they have performed their duties above and beyond the call of duty. This is what I think Sichel has demonstrated while providing support and care to me. THANK YOU!