Shirley Fledderjohn

Shirley Fledderjohn, BSN, RN

Ambulatory Neurology
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Shirley Flutterjohn became our son's nurse in 2007 when he was 6 weeks old. At the time she worked with our doctors. As those doctors left to relocate, Shirley was our anchor point through so many of the ups and downs that are a part of a neurologically impaired child's life.

Our son never fit into any diagnostic pattern and we were left with being in something of a non-categorized grouping. This created interesting struggles with insurance, feeling anchored to a distinct division of care at the hospital.

For 7 years of his life (he has since deceased), Shirley went out of her way to get us information, connection, help, care, and direction. She always returned our calls. Always. Even when she knew that it had nothing to do with her department, doctor, or responsibility, she ALWAYS returned our call. It was Shirley and her amazing heart to serve who helped us navigate the confusing and complex waters of having a neurologically impaired child without a department to fit into with a diagnosis.

She is our Light. She always shined a beacon of help, care, compassion and hope in a hard and way-too-short journey with our child. We will be forever grateful to her. She taught us about strength, encouragement and compassion in the midst of loving on our boy. She went above and beyond what was expected and helped us to care for our son. We can't express how thankful we are to her for her unfailing beacon of light in a long and hard journey with the most beautiful little boy who ever lived.

We are forever thankful for her. May Shirley Fledderjohn be the DAISY Award Honoree that inspires others to keep caring.