Sheryl Baker

Sheryl Baker

Sheryl Baker, RN

5 Garden
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
Mishawaka, Indiana
United States
The Walgreen person told her to go to the hospital and that when she saw Sheryl she just knew she would be able to help her.

Sheryl's thoughts were, "this can't be happening to me, I have so much to do at home, I still need to get to the store, and the traffic is going to be bad for me to get into my mother's subdivision". Sheryl stated she was just frustrated with this inconvenience. But, all of a sudden Sheryl reflected back to the morning devotion and her thoughts came to her that she can't leave this lady here and that God put me where He needed me to be in order to help this lady. That her mom not answering the phone was a sign that God was telling me to go to the normal place to get picked up, that Walgreens sent the lady to the hospital for help, that the hospital entrance was packed with people but the lady sought only Sheryl out, and that God was making all of this happen for a reason based on the discussion and how she had felt earlier that morning. There was a reason this was happening. “God was talking to me and using me for His good.”

Sheryl told the lady to wait and then went to her mother's car to inform her of the circumstance. Sheryl told her mom she needed to help this lady. Sheryl's mom said I will follow you while you drive her car home. At this point Sheryl asked the lady for her driver's license in order to check the address. The lady just handed her purse over to Sheryl. After Sheryl located the license and verified the address the lady thanked Sheryl for helping her. On the drive across town the lady told Sheryl how difficult it has been taking care of her husband over the last 5 years and that now he needs to go to a nursing home. She told Sheryl that her son was driving into town tomorrow from out of state to help her with placing her husband. At this time Sheryl shared her story and struggle of having to place her own father in a nursing home recently and how difficult it has been on her mother and her. 

During the drive nothing looked familiar to the lady. Sheryl knew the lady was alert and oriented because of the conversation with her but could tell that the lady was stressed and worn out. As they drove by SBO, the lady stated that Sheryl made the wrong turn and then the lady told her to drive over to Kern and then to turn on Ironwood. At this point Sheryl knew that the lady was in familiar territory and that they were close to the ladies house.  Sheryl noted that the lady had never asked Sheryl her name or who she was but let her drive her car, go into her purse, and look at her driver's license.

During the drive, Sheryl did talk to the lady about safety and that she should never let anyone she doesn't know look at her ID or get into her car or purse. She responded that the Walgreen person told her to go to the hospital and that when she saw Sheryl she just knew she would be able to help her. Sheryl reflected back again to all of people at the entrance to the hospital and that the lady sought only Sheryl out. Sheryl continued to tell the lady in a very nice way that not everyone would be nice to her and that there are bad people in this world who might have harmed her. The lady just kept telling Sheryl that when she saw her she just knew she would help her.

Upon entering the lady's garage she was still concerned that her husband was worrying about her because it was dark outside now. Sheryl told the lady she would get her safely in the house and make sure her husband was ok.  After getting her into the house the lady attempted to give Sheryl money but Sheryl refused and told the lady that she already paid her more then she knows. Sheryl told her that this was an “early Christmas present for me because God somehow knew right where I needed to be”. She told her that earlier in the morning “I had a discussion about this same thing with my co-workers and that it was a meaningful impact for me to do this.  I needed this to happen because God was showing me that good things do happen and it has impacted my faith”.

Then the lady smiled at Sheryl and then gave Sheryl and Sheryl's mother a hug. Sheryl stated that the lady's eyes lit up and she smiled like she had not smiled in a long time. Sheryl made sure the doors were shut and then they drove off. On the way home both Sheryl and her mother had a discussion about how God directs us for His purpose and good, their faith was renewed, and that miracles really do happen. They both stated what a positive impact this has had on their lives. That Christmas is really about Jesus. That God is really out there and that He intervenes when He needs too. Sheryl stated that it has really restored her faith and that she feels more positive than she has in a long time. That gifts come in many ways when you least expect it.  But the gifts of the heart are truly what matters.