Sherry Eddings

Sherry Eddings

Sherry Eddings, RN

Baptist Health Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

My husband experienced a stroke on May 5 and was admitted to Baptist Hospital. One of the many tests discovered a hole in his heart and that was quickly taken care of. Soon he was moved to the Rehab unit. With the kind and caring therapist and staff he began to make great progress. Suddenly on May 20th he took a turn for the worse and by the morning of May 21st he didn't know me, his wife of almost 56 years. He didn't know who he was or where he was. He had multiple complications including a c.difficile infection. Nurse Sherry Eddings came on duty at 7 am on May 21st. She made sure her other patients were covered by other nurses and she came into our room and cared for him all day until the end of her shift. Sherry's calming presence was a great comfort to me. Her confidence and her ability to think clearly in crisis situations were encouraging. Sherry constantly was making sure I was okay too. Her compassionate attitude meant more than I can say. Sherry's experience as a nurse for many years was evident as she skillfully orchestrated the necessary procedures and made helpful suggestions and contacted the doctors. The respect that her co-workers have for her speaks well for her ability and kind manner.

My husband continues to recover and we are certain the loving, sensitive care that nurse Sherry gave him and continues to give us both is a huge part of the reason he is recovering so well.

The entire staff on the Rehab unit has been wonderful but Sherry Eddings will always have a special place in our hearts because of her genuine compassion for both my husband and me during this difficult time.