Sherrie Anderson

Sherrie Anderson

Sherrie Anderson, RN, OCN

Ambulatory Infusion Center
St. Mary Corwin Medical Center
Pueblo, Colorado
United States

I have spent over 32 weeks at the Infusion Center and have been helped by Sherrie Anderson during this time.  She has performed consistently over the 32 week period with kindness and compassion.  She goes above and beyond in making you feel that you are special and not just a number or just another sick person.  She makes you feel better by a smile or just a touch of your hand and the soft tone of her voice.  This sure helps when you are not feeling very good and things are not always going right with your body’s healing process.  She makes a difference by her actual caring for you and how you are doing.

Sherrie also cares for others the same way.  She is an asset to the healing process and to the hospital.    A woman who was being treated for cancer needed a ride back to her home due to her not having a car and it was a Saturday.  Sherrie found transportation when no other options were available to the person.  Then she also set up help for this woman in the form of welfare and a place to live so this woman could recover from her cancer.  This is the caring that she has for her patients under her care.

Sherrie also volunteers during her vacation time to help others in Central America by going there and taking care of people that are less fortunate and do not have the same access to medical care and food as we do. 

Sherrie is an outstanding example of an extraordinary nurse/person and this DAISY Award is for her.