Sherri Brown

Sherri Brown

Sherri Brown, RN

11 West Surgical Oncology
Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States
I counted one night where we needed help 14 times during the night. Sherri would always come right away and help.

My sister was admitted to the hospital last July and unfortunately passed away during her stay.  Sherri Brown was her night nurse most of the time, and I am not sure if it is true with most patients, but my sister seemed to get worse at night.  I counted one night where we needed help 14 times during the night.  Sherri would always come right away and help.  She was very skilled at her job, which gave us the utmost confidence in her nursing decisions, but the biggest and the best thing she gave us was comfort. 

When my sister died, Sherri gave us a scripture from the Bible.  We read that scripture at the funeral and I still have the original paper in my wallet.  It is still helping me, and I’m not even the patient.  I know Sherri probably went into nursing because she is smart and compassionate, but it takes so much more to be the kind of nurse Sherri is; never tired, always hopeful, doesn’t talk down to patients, explains things in a simple way so you can understand, compassionate, and able to perform under severe stress from the patient. 

These are only some of the reasons I am grateful to Sherri.  My family and I were so crazy when my sister was sick, I am probably not mentioning half of the things I should mention.  I do know that when I needed Sherri, she was there.  If your nurses care even half as much about patients as Sherri does, you have a great hospital.