Sherree Dahl

Sherree Dahl

Sherree Dahl, RN

Extended Care/Senior Care Clinic
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

Sherree is an excellent Geriatric nurse and is always willing to help her coworkers when dealing with difficult issues. She is a caring, compassionate nurse and this is evident in everything that she says and does. She has often been asked to change her home visit schedule to fill staffing needs and has done so willingly and cheerfully - it is a privilege to work with Sherree.

Sherree always puts our patients first no matter when or where she's at. She is a great mentor for new nurses working with seniors. She goes out of her way to stay educated and up-to-date with Geriatric issues. She is always willing to help out no matter how much of her own work she has to do.

Sherree is very deserving of the DAISY Award! She works with the Home Visit Program and is very devoted to these patients. She is constantly checking on all of them (approximately 100 currently) and works very hard to keep each of them out of the hospital and in their private homes. Sherree goes out with Dr. H on most of her home visits. Sherree is very caring and compassionate. Many of these patients have complex medical issues and Sherree is so good with them. In addition to the Home Visit Program, she is the first one to offer help to Extended Care/Senior Care when help is needed, even though she has more than enough work of her own to do.

For the last three decades, Sherree has served the Geriatric population at HCMC through telephone triage with our associated nursing facilities, with 1:1 care delivered in the Senior Care Clinic and, most recently, she has been a driving force for Dr. H's Home Visit Program. Sherree gives her all to her patients without any selfishness on her part and does so compassionately. Her home care patients rely on her to give, not just clinically sound advice, but also emotional support. She does this very willingly and with great kindness, each and every day. I am grateful to have her as a coworker and admire her ability to always be upbeat and giving.

Welcoming, warm and demonstrates a willingness to help new employees! TEAM spirited! Dedicated to the services and vision of the department. Sherree puts work first. She continues to find education/courses to enhance her skills and learning.