Sherilyn Kuhn

Sherilyn Kuhn, RN, ADN

Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Sherilyn was nominated by her Clinical Manager Karen Ames.
Sherilyn had a patient that was experiencing abdominal pain and was not getting any relief from the pain medication. She was very concerned about the patient and called this patient's physician. The attending physician recommended that the patient be seen by a surgeon. In the meantime, Sherilyn did get the results of his abnormal HIDDA scan. Sherilyn called the resident on the case and reported the HIDDA scan results and also that the patient was experiencing abdominal pain without relief from the narcotics. She tried to explain to the resident that she was very concerned about this patient and asked the resident to come and see that patient immediately. Unfortunately, the resident was not sensing the urgency of issue and felt that the patient could wait until he was completed with his rounds. The patient advocate that Sherilyn is, she was not happy with no one seeing this patient immediately and she called the attending physician again and reported all the findings. The attending physician immediately called another surgeon to come and see the patient STAT. The patient was taken to surgery and it was discovered that the patient had a gangrenous gallbladder. The attending physician credited Sherilyn with saving this man's life. He felt that she was truly this patient's advocate and looking out for his best interest. He felt that her persistence in getting someone to see her patient immediately, was the key.