Sheri Erickson

Sheri Erickson

Sheri Erickson, RN

Rescue Nurse
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

I had a patient come to my floor (4100) from the ER (new admit) that was bleeding from a tooth extraction that morning. It was the middle of the night and attempts to stop the bleeding in the ER had failed. I called Sheri to start an IV for me on him. When she came up, he had just puked up a whole bunch of blood clots. She helped me clean him up and told me he needed to be moved, as his airway was at risk. I called the doctor and he placed an ENT consult. Sheri kept checking on my patient, as I did this. Sheri then called critical care and told them she needed a room. She also called the doctor back so we could get the patient transferred to critical care. Sheri helped me move him to the new room after she started his IV. I was so grateful for Sheri's help that night. She is an amazing nurse!


Sheri is definitely so deserving of this award. She was recently recognized for a Hero Award, as she does have frequent recognition from staff for examples such as this. I would say that she is definitely a clinical expert and such an advocate for the patient and the staff. She will spend whatever time is needed on a situation and will never leave the nursing staff feeling unequipped to handle whatever is going on. She checks back with the staff and also reports concerns to me appropriately.