Sheri Boddy

Sheri Boddy

Sheri Boddy, RN

Med / Surg ICU
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Sheri is a nurse who exemplifies compassion and caring. She loves being a nurse and forms strong bonds with her patients and families, as well as with her co-workers. She has an exceptional way of putting others at ease. She takes the time to connect to her patients as humans rather than patients, and by doing so is able to provide emotional support and true empathy.

Sheri can often be found sitting at her patient's bedside, making them smile or laugh. She is not only attentive to their needs, but she has the ability to draw them out and form a partnership with them to achieve the best possible outcomes. She accepts nothing less of herself than 100% and always comes to work ready to deliver on that promise.

Sheri is a role model for putting patients first and is truly deserving of the DAISY award!