Shelly Craig

Shelly Craig, RN

Labor & Delivery
Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
San Antonio, Texas
United States

Shelly Craig took very, very good care of me before, during and after my c-section. Being an ex-drug addict, I am not very comfortable with myself.  There are scars and bruises that make me self-conscious about my ugly body and I want to thank Shelly for treating me like every other human being.  She was understanding and patient when I told her she would need a PICC line because she would not be able to draw blood. 

I’ve had a lot on my mind and haven’t had a chance to get her a thank you card.  When I found out about the DAISY Award Program I thought Shelly should be nominated for making me feel very special, loved, cared for, and for not being judgmental of my past. I hate the way my body looks, and she made me feel comfortable with myself 10,000%.  Shelly did a super job and I appreciate that so much.  She was very kind, sweet, patient, understanding and deserves to win.  Keep up the good work Shelly and Thank You!